Energy Assessment

We perform a unique distant human and pet energy system assessment and perceive energetically your chakras (energy centers), auras (energy fields), unbalanced areas, organs and body systems using your full name and birthdate (your energy information). We'll perceive your balanced and unbalanced areas and email you exactly what is going on in your physical body, organs and body systems, and the energy system. The energy imbalances can negatively affect the physical bodies, specific organs and body systems. Problems or illnesses may occur in the physical body due to the energy imbalances. It is important to know what to work on in your body.


Our Services

Bioenergy can be explained as bio-electromagnetic energy surrounding us, or auras. You may hear about terms of positive and negative energy in energy healing. The term of bio-positive energy means pure healing energy. Positive energy flows freely in energy systems bringing vitality and health. Whereas the definition of bio negative energy is as trapped, disharmonious, stale, or stagnant energy that blocking pathways and prevent vital energy from freely flowing in the energy systems. Negative energy brings imbalances into energetic systems, which may develop illnesses. We discover, cleanse the negative energy off, balance and heal to restore your health and well-being.


Energy Evaluation

We may cleanse and balance energy of homes, workplaces, and businesses at any long distance to improve them and make more successful. We'll tell you where the energy is blocked or unbalanced and causes problems.
Or we may perceive the relationships and any relations and tell if they are good for you now or in the future (including any business or work issues). We perceive the energetic information and may inform about people you can work or be partners with. We may perceive the conclusion of any situation or case. In the e-mail consultation you may ask any specific question about any personal or work relationship, work, business or home place to perceive.


Energy Cleansing

An important aspect of the energy cleansing is removing negative bioenergy which may enter your energy system. People are energy beings. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions are energy things. Others may affect your bioenergy field. When people are faced with an angry communicator or prolonged stressful event, they are involved in a negative energetic influence. In many cases, people’s energy may be blocked, become unbalanced, stagnant or stale. People need to release energy blocks, whether they be emotional, mental, or even spiritual blocks, and to release bio-negativity. It is important to open the chakras and make them working and functional.


Energy Balancing

We do cleansing, balancing and normalizing people's or pet energy and chakra systems. We set the energy system free of blocked, unbalanced, discordant, stale, and stagnant energy, and restore and promote vital life energy flow throughout the energy system and physical body. We cleanse human and pet energy fields and chakras by removing negative bioenergy and blocks. We perform energetic work to maintain energy balance, which brings energetic and physical health. Generally, you'll feel better energetically and physically. We perform the energy balancing, and work on the energy fields, chakras, body, organs and body systems to restore balance. Balanced chakras bring vital energy to the chakra, energy system and body.


Energy Healing

We offer a unique opportunity to heal people effectively without their direct participation in the process of healing, and at any distance. There is no distance for energy. We use the energy information such as a person's full name and birthdate, and create the energetic matrix, on which we work energetically. The matrix possesses an energetic connection with a client to be healed and reflects their energy information and physical state at time of assessment and healing. We positively influence and maintain people's physical conditions and health on a regular basis, and even prevent any physical illness or heal existing imbalances without touching. We work on all areas of the bioenergy systems to bring healing.


Bioenergy System Services

Your place for energy assessment, cleansing, balancing, normalizing and healing.

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